RRachel King James is a Book Author and Certified Life Coach.  Her books are designed so people can  transform, develop, generate gratitude and create a Self-love some don’t know exist within them. These are her vehicles that allows individuals to ride towards a more clarity and vibrational direction in their lives.  She has 20 plus years of experience in inspiring and influencing adults, as well as children, to become the highest expressions of themselves and she succeeded everytime.  Her wisdom and perception towards helping others mentally is a game changer. She is truly a Perception Coach and Thought Leader for our time. All gained through the will to reinvent herself from all the Highs and Lows of her life. 

Her first Self-Published Book/Journal “Remember You”, was the start towards the path of allowing the value in her existence and experiences to add to the readers existence. The readers are guided to be at peace with their past, present, and visions. Speaking of visions, her loving Father had a vision to become a Book Author, but he never had the time due to 4 establishments inside and outside the country that he had to maintain. He loved to read and always wanted his own Library. He passed away at the age of 62 and didn’t get a chance to fulfill that part of his life’s mission. So, her books are also created in Honor of her Dad, King James. With that being said, RRachel’s mission is to make sure we all continue to circulate our value with one another. Her book is one of her vehicles. Now its time for you to look, create and find yours! Let’s Circulate!